Aircraft Purchase and Sales Assistance

A wish to have a private jet is not a pie in the sky any more and becomes a necessary condition for efficient business.

Purchase of an aircraft is a complicated process with many unknowns. Our specialists are ready to offer you professional consultations based on your individual requirements and personal needs. Our company renders agency services on aircraft purchase and sales.

  • Selection and purchase of aircraft compliant with your personal requirements.
  • Calculation of aircraft operation economic efficiency.
  • Aircraft management.
  • Complete transaction support, aircraft acceptance, letter and figure case selection.
  • Aircraft insurance services, personnel recruitment, etc.

Offers for aircraft sale:

  1. LearJer 60XR
    number of seats: 8
  2. Challenger 850ER
    number of seats: 15

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Tel. +7(495)725-83-75 or e-mail: