Foreign Heavy Jets

Aircraft of this class are flagships of business aviation. The most luxurious cabins, Самые роскошные салоны, maximum distance of nonstop flight, high speed, best crews, up-to-date avionics and multilevel safety system.

Foreign Midsize Jets

This category includes aircraft, which ideally satisfy the demands of business aviation. High speed, functionality, efficiency and at the same time quality, style, comfort make them indispensable for CEO’s of large and medium business. Individual interiors and possibility to run business during a flight – onboard we have Internet and mobile communication at your service.

Foreign Light Jets

This category is quite various. These are compact efficient aircraft ideal for short distance flights.

Foreign Turbo Props

Turboprop airplanes belong to the category commuter jets. It is very convenient and practical method of traveling for short distances. They are widely used in countries with developed infrastructure. They will have a great future in Russia.

Russain VIP Aircraft

The category “Russian VIP aircraft” includes such types of aircraft as Yak-40, Tu-134, Yak -42, Tu -154 and Il-62. These aircraft are quite attractive, if considered from the point of view of size/cost interrelation. Quite affordable price per flight hour makes them more acceptable, if compared with foreign analogues.